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August 22nd - 26th

Undisciplined? Unfocused?
Out of Control of yourself? Desperate to serve?

Here, at The Academy,
We know what you crave and what you NEED.

There is no intimacy without vulnerability.

The satisfaction you receive from your session depends on your willingness to submit, let go, open up, and surrender.

You can experience the intimacy you crave without fear of rejection or misunderstanding however, your full participation is required.



We will guide you to the limits of your boundaries and even beyond them - but in order to do this, your service to The Academy Domina must be a relationship of mutuality and respect.

Communication and honesty are vital.

 Please Us with your openness, vulnerability, sincerity and obedience and you will be rewarded.

Displease Us and you will be punished. 

Our terms are Simple, Unapologetic, and Non-negotiable.


The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


Hours: By Appointment Only!

Regular session hours are Tue-Sun 10 am-10pm (EST)

holidays, and early-bird/late-night sessions may be available with advanced notice via polite request and are subject to increased tuition.

 All new subs MUST be screened through an application and interview process before given the option to book with Us.

Due to high demand new clients are required to submit a
$50 one time application fee (Click Here)

in order to schedule the necessary screening interview.
Once you have passed the screening interview and wish to book a in-person-session, the $50.- fee will be credited towards your tuition. 

Be sure to include your name, email, availability to receive My call and best phone # to confirm.



Absolutely NO:


In person session rates/tuition

Tour Rates by request only
1 hour $350.-
90 minutes $450.-
2 hours $550.-
3 hours $800.-
4 or more hours estimate by request
overnight $2,000.-

Sessions longer than 3 hours may include a brief period where you'll be confined for our amusement and refreshment.


Domestic House Service $200.- / hour



starts at

$400.- /hour*
Cuck fantasy with Bull $500.- /Hour*
Double Dominants (Male or Female) $500.- /Hour*

*Scene Details and location dependent - session Add Ons require additional tribute
and can be politely requested a la carte.

**Local FL Outcalls start at $350 an hour (on tour rates).
Anything beyond fifty miles distance from the campus to your location is an additional $5 per mile. additional travel expenses will graciously be covered by you.

Public Sessions

Take Me out to Dinner

starts at

$250.- /Hour (+cost of meal)
A scene at a playparty $400.- /Hour (+admission)
Take Me shopping

minimum of two hours

Must include a minimum of $300 toward my shopping enjoyment

Online Sessions

are available through $5.- /Minute

Book Here

Phone Sessions

Call ME on Click Here
I call you on your phone Click Here
Text ME on Click Here


Long Distance Training sessions are an option should you meet Our criteria. All travel expenses will be your responsibility and late cancellations are non refundable. Make any travel requests known when submitting your service application or via email once you are enrolled


Deposit Policy

A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings, via one of the following payment methods:





The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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