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Eager to serve?

Begin by filling out the Application below, or by sending a detailed email introduction outlining session requests, questions and reason for contact.  Be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar.
State your location, the city in which you are interested in sessioning, along with the date, time, and duration of your desired session.

List your interests and any relevant previous experience, including Dominants you have served in the past.

 Use only standard abbreviations in your correspondences and double check emails for typos and auto-correct issues prior to hitting send. We are serious Dominants and will scrutinize every detail of your presentation.  

Please note: Though We want you to have your questions answered and feel comfortable with the process, We must limit Our responses to three replies before you are dismissed as a time waster. Any further email correspondence will require a convenience fee to proceed.

Take this seriously and you will be rewarded with the privilege of hearing back from Us.


Email all inquiries to:



The Academy Domina – Dedicated to Discipline

Let your training begin . . . .


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