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Can I see you naked?

We are Pro Dommes, not strippers. But, We do love playing with strippers. So, why not take Us out for lap dances, and see how it is done, you naughty thing?

Do you accept long distance slaves?

Yes. Select off Campus and International visits are a possibility with the completion and review of your Student registration. Distance sessions start at $300 per hour. All travel expenses will be your responsibility.

Do you accept female or trans slaves?

     We accept all beautiful and well-behaved slaves.

How much is a session?

Session tribute information (tuition) can be found here.


Are there session options other than at The Academy Gainesville Campus?

      Yes. Select off campus and dungeon options may be available to you after the completion and review of your student registration and service application. Contact Us to make special arrangements.

Do you do hand/foot-jobs?

You can be certain We do nothing with the word "job" in it.


Is this safe and clean?

All Dom/Dommes at the Academy stay current in CPR/First Aid certification and Mistress Magdalena is a trained medical professional.
Safety is important to Us and therefore, We refuse to engage in activities that compromise our standards or are deemed too risky.
All Our activities follow the guidelines of SSC (Safe, Sane, and Consensual) and new students will be thoroughly instructed on the use of  "Safe Words".
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. All instruments, tools, and toys are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before use.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes! We utilize an anonymous payment system and insure all email correspondence is secure and encrypted.
Privacy is of utmost importance.


Do you do toilet training?

No. However, water sports may be an option for well-behaved, regular Academy students.


How can I get to know you on a more personal level?

Alleviate Our busy schedules with tributes, gifts, or desired labor and We will reward you with personal attention (if you meet specific etiquette and character criteria).

What about Fin/Dom?

 We are much better at managing your finances than you are, so of course Fin/Dom is an option. However, if you behave like a whiny, inconsistent little bitch, then no thanks. This option is for serious inquiries only.


Will you mentor me?

We accept assistants and mentees on a case-by-case basis
Contact Us
to see if you are a good fit.



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